Mein Taxi Telfs

Patient transportation in Telfs and the surrounding area

The patient transportation service is aimed at people with limited mobility who need to go to hospital once or at regular intervals. Our chauffeurs will take you there comfortably and safely.


The following languages are spoken: German, English, all Scandinavian languages, Danish, Turkish


Patient transportation and dialysis trips

Whether you need dialysis, chemotherapy or a check-up, we will get you to the desired medical facility on time. Our courteous cab drivers will help you get in and out and pick you up again at the end of your treatment. For chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiotherapy, we are happy to take you to and from the hospital.

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Assumption of costs

The costs for patient transportation in Telfs and the surrounding area are covered by the relevant health insurance fund. The prerequisite for this is a doctor's prescription, which must be submitted in advance. As a patient, you will then receive a transportation ticket, which you should take with you when you start your journey. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the courteous service team at Mein Taxi Telfs.